Monday, March 12, 2012

Eternally whole and indestructible...

"There is no truth without love."

Shen Orion

Why is the human species being continually expected/demanded/and manipulated into obeying governments, trusting corporations, and ignoring the activities of top secret/hidden/private organizations that are more often than not, engaged in activities that are inhumane, insane, immoral, and evil in nature? And to add insult to atrocity, how is it that all these governments, corporations, and top secret/hidden/private organizations are being protected by illogical laws and unethical justice systems, police, and military forces that we ourselves as citizens of Earth are paying for, not only with our hard-earned time and money, but more importantly with the blood sacrifices of our bodies, minds, and souls?

Regardless of our nationality or culture, amassed evidence points to the tragic fact that humanities' self-destructive patterns of blood sacrifice have existed throughout the world since before those of us alive today were even born. In this sense, it is not as if what is currently happening amongst the tempest of violent geopolitical insurrections is anything new, or that no one has asked these questions before... Instead, perhaps our focus must fall upon such questions as, how is it that so many powerful individuals, intellectuals, and well intending human beings throughout the ages have continually allowed the resounding insanity of violent ignorance to procreate and thrive within our communities? Or more importantly, if intuitive compassionate reasonable human beings of adequate logical faculties and in possession of enough data to be aware of the cause and effect occurring in the world around them have existed, why have we as a species never been able to do anything to cause lasting paradigm change in both our beliefs systems and thus our behaviors towards ourselves, each another, and Nature in general? How is it that so many of us continually shun the all important evolution of human awareness and those ideological foundations which dictate the evolving architectures of our behaviors as a collective and as individuals? The only logical answer is that enigmatic psychological mechanism known as denial! Denial which is being supported and played off of as a lever by those in power, to manipulate the masses into a submissive stupor of complacency, confusion, and all consuming conflict....

So how exactly does denial work? How could so many of us all be living in denial at the same time? Would not some of us be able to overcome denial's grasp upon our awareness, and therein rise up against our inner and outer oppressors in some fashion? Is it merely our imbibed pride and egocentric pomp which shields us from awareness of our true victim-like powerlessness? Perhaps... And what of selective awareness and its double edged blade dictating the evolutionary specialization process? Must selective awareness forever propel us towards some semblance of progress, while at the same time murdering us with its egocentric denial of personal and collective cause and effect? Surely no matter how enshrouded in denial we may be, our black hole in consciousness has reached a deafening fever pitch all are able to sense on some level?

From all the informative and insightful ideas and now documentaries, being circulated over the last fives decades that go against the collective melee of utter pop-cultural idiocy, many humans beings do exhibit that, yes, we indeed have overcome our denial of the horrors humanity is enacting upon itself and the Earth! But depending upon what degree to which we awaken and are aware of global hypocrisies affecting the fragile environment of Earth and our collective humanity, still, what then? What comes after awareness of such horrifying truths as realizing we are being dominated and brainwashed every day of our lives by other human beings who are in positions of power and influence? What comes after we realize our part in the madness of polluting and destroying ourselves and the multi-faceted ecosystem of Earth? However flawed and misleading the whole illusion of voting may be at this point, do we take action by making sure to vote as seems to be the only politically correct non-violent form left us of trying to enact change in the world? Or do we become a radical of some sort, an activist of passive-aggressive protests like the modern 'Occupy' movement, or maybe even a terrorist of ultra-violent actions? Martin Luther King Jr. made a poignant and timeless reflection when he expressed how, "The question is not whether we will be extremist, but what kind of extremist will we be. Will we be extremists for hate, or will we be extremists for love?"

Certainly however one may arrive at the answers to these questions or truth in general, while embodied and surviving upon Earth in a third dimensional construct of biological human flesh and bone, there is but one key ingredient to life and the living of it which binds us all within a universal commonality of transcendent meaning, and that is Love... Ever present, ever relevant, the functional ideal and factual reality of love regardless of the innumerous misinterpretations and misrepresentations concerning its caring and considerate existence, is that love will heal the ills of the self and the world at large! However pessimistic and lost humanity has become within the myriad illusions of lust and the carnage of greed for more pleasure (this word, 'pleasure,' is applied here as a relative singularity in human consciousness, since truly each of us has a different experience of what pleasure is, and that is a huge part of what has delivered us unto our collective ignorance of disjointed co-created nihilism, our contrasting and warring needs/wants...) at the cost of our overall quality of life, the meaning and reality of Love remains eternally whole and indestructible beyond all hearsay and pretenders to the thrones of righteousness, power, and wisdom...

Though sentience may come and go from various quadrants of the vast universe and multiple dimensions abounding within the great mystery of which we are all an integral part, Love Is... As in, love exists beyond the mind of the beholder, beyond belief or disbelief, beyond intellectual conjecture, beyond the sort of vengeful enraged spitefulness which apparently seeks to deny an empathetic and humble existence for itself and others, as well as the incredible creatures and profound environments of our once pristine planet... Love exists beyond any and all judgements and points of conflicting reference inherent in mortal perspectives, simply because where life is or is not - Love will forever Be.

Creation is love. The nothingness before, after, and inbetween everything is love. Love is ALL... And even if we cannot come together to realize love as a collective species and henceforth embody love's truths in our beliefs/behaviors/civlizations/and artistic/technological creations, love will recreate another version of this living Earth long after humanity is extinct and all the nuclear/chemical/metallic/industrial sludge of our wretched immaturity has worn away....

The same may be said for you and I, for our eternal essence of spiritual presence is love, and there is no type of manmade mental slavery, nor calculated dark magic mesmerism, or mental-emotional-physical-psychic-spiritual curse which may indefinitely bind the Soul within the ignorance of human perceptual paradigms, forms, or functions! No matter how powerful the projection or collective assertion, there is a far greater reality occurring beyond the limitations of any and all human conceptualizations...

We are never alone...

We are never-ending...

We are that which we have imagined and dreamed of and prayed for beyond the binding articulations of indoctrinated science and religion, and our unlimited awakening to the mysterious inner essence of mystical love and transcendent universal truth within ourselves may occur whenever we gracefully and compassionately allow such to Be.

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A superior person cares for the well being of all things.
She does this by accepting responsibility for the energy she manifests,
both actively and in the subtle realm.

Looking at a tree, she sees not an isolated event
but roots, leaves, trunk, water, soil, and sun;
each event related to the others, and the "tree" arising out of their relatedness.
Looking at herself or another, she sees the same thing.

Trees and animals, humans and insects, flowers and birds:
These are active images of the subtle energies that flow
from the stars throughout the universe.
Meeting and combining with each other and the elements of the earth,
they give rise to all living things.

The superior person understands this,
and understands that her own energies play a part in it.
Understanding these things,
she respects the earth as her mother,
the heavens as her father,
and all living things as her brothers and sisters.

Caring for them, she knows she cares for herself.
Giving to them, she knows that she gives to herself.
At peace with them, she is always at peace with herself.

Hua Hu Ching ~ The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu